Online Marketing - SEO, Ads & Co.

Build customer reach for the maximum success of your online shop. By implementing the right marketing measures you gain more customers for your online shop

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for More Visibility

In today’s world, it is difficult to be found by search engines like Google if your website is not optimized for search engines. Our experts analyze your online shop and carry out the necessary tasks for Search Engine Optimization so that your customers can find you and your online shop more easily. From keyword research, to writing SEO texts, to technical SEO, our qualified staff will follow all the steps necessary to achieve higher visibility for your online shop.

SEM Marketing

Reach New Customers with Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Whether Google Ads or ads on Bing, we place ads where they will reach your customers. When placing ads for search engines, it is very important to address the right target group and target them at the right time. We can set up Google Ads campaigns for you or place ads on Bing. And no matter if it’s for search results or Google Shopping, we’ll find the right platform for your products. We can also manage your ads on a permanent basis, identify optimization potential and make the necessary adjustments if you would like us to.

Reach Customers via Social Media

In addition to the most common advertising measures on search engines, we can also carry out advertising on social media such as Facebook and Instagram for you. Depending on the target group, it can make sense to use several channels for advertisements. We recommend that you target a specific group of customers, so you should use the channels that your target group uses most often. Young customers can especially be targeted to be made aware of your online shop on social media.

Social Media

Achieve Higher Customer Reach by Placing Your Products on Amazon, eBay & Co.

In order to exploit the full potential of your online shop, it is advisable to additionally sell your products on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. This helps you also reach customers who are less likely to search for products on search engines, but instead mostly use Amazon or eBay. We connect external marketplaces to your online shop and help you to increase the reach of your products.

Get a Better Ranking With Amazon SEO

SEO does not only play a major role in the world of Google & Co. Sales platforms like Amazon also use algorithms to display the best possible search results for their customers. To achieve good rankings for your products, your product pages on Amazon must also be optimized for search engines. We can help you with the optimization as well as the creation of A+ content. So your products are better positioned in the search results.


Increase the Visibility of Your Products on Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites have become one of the most important sales channels on the Internet. Potential customers can use them to find various suppliers of the products they are looking for. Listing your products on price comparison websites allows you to address and reach customers who are looking for a product without them already knowing about your online shop. Offering your products on price comparison websites gives you the opportunity to get more traffic for your online shop and generate more sales. In order to keep up with your competitors, we recommend listing your products on comparison websites. Our experts can take care of connecting your products to different price comparison websites like, and gü

An Overview of Our Marketing Services

A harmonious, digital presentation of your company is crucial to long-term entrepreneurial success. If you’re not online, you don’t exist.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize your website so that the content can be found and indexed better by the most common search engines.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine ads live from target-oriented structures, relevant keywords and meaningful ad texts. Continuous success analysis and campaign adjustments are essential for achieving your goals.

Google Ads

With Google Ads you can have ads appear exactly when users search for you offer. You can reach users on Google, YouTube and many other sites that sell advertising space through Google Ads.

Connection to External Marketplaces

Customers are already looking for the products you offer on Amazon, eBay and other portals. We can help you list your product range on these marketplaces as well.

Facebook Ads

You know exactly which target groups buy your products? With the help of Facebook Ads we can precisely define target groups and have your ads appear to the right group of people.

Listing on Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites are a great way of making customers aware of your shop. We can help you submit your products to the websites fully automatically.

Bing Ads

In the corporate world Microsoft products are often used. If you primarily target businesses, it makes sense to place ads on Microsoft's search engine to reach their users.