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Shopware Plugins – Extension for Your Online Shop

You have an online shop and want to expand it by adding useful functions? As a Shopware agency, we can develop suitable plugins and extensions for your Shopware 5 & 6 online shops.

What is a Shopware Plugin?

Shopware is one of the most widely used shop systems in Germany. Online shops using Shopware offer almost limitless possibilities for expanding. This makes it possible for you as a shop owner to individually adapt your online shop to your and your customers' needs. Shopware plugins are additional functions that you can add to your online shop without messing with the core of the shop system.

Was ist ein Shopware Plugin

What Plugins are Available?

There are various types of Shopware plugins. On the one hand there are Plugins for the Shopware backend that can simplify your daily routine. We offer the plugin Automatic Payment Reminders for example. The plugin makes it possible for you to send automated payment reminders to your customers. Which saves you time and personnel costs. Another useful plugin for managing your shop is StageWare. It allows you to create test environments and backups of your shop with just one click.

There are also Shopware Plugins for the frontend. These plugins allow you provide your customers with useful functions or make visual changes to the elements in your online shop. The Info Banner plugin we developed is one of these useful Shopware frontend plugins. It allows you to easily display information for your customers prominently on your online shop. The function grey out/hide unavailable variants is also very useful. It allows you to highlight variants of your products that are available and avoid dissatisfied customers. Our Professional Autosuggest for Search is also a frontend plugin that increases customer satisfaction.

Shopware Plugins Developed by ZweiPunkt GmbH

We continually develops new plugins for Shopware 5 & 6. Our developers also develop individual plugis. So we can provide you with all the features you need for your online shop.

Shopware Plugins