PARTNER® - Authorization Platformm

Gain your customers’ trust with the cross-industry realtime seal

What is® ?® is an authorization platform that allows you as a seller to authorize the brands you offer. Additionally, the seal shows your customers that you are a trustworthy manufacturer.

The Advantages of®

The realtime seal makes it clear to your customers that your shop is secure and trustworthy. A higher level of trust also increases the conversions in your online shop. Prove to your customers that your products are the real deal and not counterfeits. The realtime seal validates you as an authorized partner of the respective brand manufacturer and sets you apart from unvetted shops.

How You Can Use® for Your Online Shop

Get verified as a seller by using®. The seal can be integrated manually or via plugin into your online shop. We make sure that the seal is professionally integrated and placed in your shop. We also make sure the seal is correctly displayed on mobile devices. If you have further questions about® or about integrating the seal, please contact us.